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The excellent laboratory facilities offer practical learning opportunities for students in different disciplines of agriculture. The college has well equipped and state-of-art laboratories which include: Soil laboratory, Agri-engineering laboratory, Agronomy laboratory, Horticulture laboratory, Biochemistry laboratory, Microbiology laboratory and Animal Science laboratory.


The ICAC Library has an extensive range of individual and group study spacesand collaborative zones. We have friendly staff who can assist you with all your information needs, book collections, free Wi-Fi computer zone, and a mini theatre.

The Ilam Community Agriculture Campus (ICAC) was established in 2021 as a non-profit academic institution under the initiative of Ilam municipality, Nepal. ICAC is affiliated to Purbanchal University, Nepal that facilitates overall academic and educational activities and award associate degrees and certificates. It currently offers 4 years B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Degree that provides extra edge for students to specialize in specific subject of interest without limiting scope and opportunity to learn different disciplines of agriculture. The campus also offers intensive English course in the first two semesters that would definitely enhance communication skill and command over foreign language and also help students on academic writing and publications. Besides, campus has satellite learning units in different parts of Ilam district e.g. Horticulture learning unit, Temperate agriculture learning unit, Agri-entrepreneurship learning unit, Plantation crop learning unit and Livestock learning unit and so on. ICAC is committed to providing a favorable learning environment in which all faculties, staffs, and students can learn together in a setting that encourages civility and the free exchange of ideas and information.

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Dr Yogendra Man Shrestha

Campus Chief

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Punya Raj Angdembe

Punya Raj Angdembe

M.Sc Ag in Horticulture
Assistant Professor

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Boby Basnet Web

Boby Basnet

M.Sc. An. Sc. in Animal Nutrition and Fodder Production
Assistant Professor
Tribhuvan University

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Sunita phago

Sunita Phago

M.Sc. Ag (Agri-Botany and Ecology / Conservation Ecology
Assistant Professor

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Message from Mayor, Ilam Municipality

Ilam Municipality is committed to 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali' envisaged as the national goal. Agriculture, being the livelihood of majority of people and mainstay of our economy, should get due attention for its development that help achieve our set goal. To make agriculture a developed sector, a revolution in current agriculture system and practice is a must. The revolution is possible when we will have adequate and sound technical human resource in agriculture proactive to transform our current agriculture technology and practice to sustainable system in terms of economic, social and environmental aspects. Considering the same, we planned to run an academic institution in our municipality with a view to developing competent technical human resource in agriculture. Ilam, the progressive and pioneer district in agriculture development,is always unique in terms of agriculture tranformation, location specific technology, farming of plantation crops, agriculture industralization, agro-forestry and manymany more. Since a couple of decade, our agriculture priorities and practices have been gradually shifting from subsistence towards more market-led commercial agriculture and agro-based industries. In this context, Ilam is an open laboratory for agriculture researchers, students and enterprenuers those are willing to learn from Ilam. Therefore, we plannedcommunity based campus under the umbrella of Ilam Municipality not only to impart curriculum specific knowledge and skill but also to replicate our 'Ilam Agriculuture Model' across Nepal. In materializing the same, we, through our Municipal Council, endorsed 'Ilam Community Agriculture Campus Operation and Management Procedure 2078' based on Article 102 (2) of Local Government Operation Act 2078. We have managed land and physical infrastructure necessary for the operation of campus and nowthe outcome of which is 'Ilam Community Agriculture Campus Ilam' (ICAC). It feels really pride to proclaim that ICACis formally started in Ilam Municipality and this is the first community based agriculture campus in Nepal run by local government. With adequate physical facilities, sound faculties and favorable learning environment, ICAC Ilam offers B. Sc. (Hons.) Ag. degree program in afffiliation with Purbanchal University, Nepal. ICAC isan autonomous, non-profit making academic institution run through the incentive from Ilam Municipality, Province government, Central government, UGC as well as from internal revenue and community support. We believe that people with low economic capacity, particularly farming communities should have access to agriculture education. We are prettysure that the degree ICAC offers will be affordable even for disadvantaged group of the communities. Besides, we are hopeful that ICAC will take lead to bring tangible change in agriculture development through meaningful research, education and extension and we assure that our Municipality will always be with ICAC to make the change happen. We also hope that ICAC will be an important milestone for the development of Ilam and it definitely contributes to make Ilam Municipality an educational hub. I wish to extend special thanks to Mr. Jas Bahadur Lungeli, Chairperson along with all members of Campus Management Committee, faculties and staffs of campus for their hard work during establishment of campus. Similarly, I am highly thankful to all officials and staffs of Ilam Municipality for their concrete contribution toward firm footing of this campus. Thanks goes to communities for welcoming and showing moral support to our initiative. Finally, I would like express sincere thanks to Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Yadav Raj Koirala and Prof. Nil Mani Pokharel, Registrar and whole family of Purbanchal University for guiding us with valuable inputs during launching this initiative. Thank you.

thumb Mahesh Basnet
Mayor, Ilam Municipality
Patron, ICAC Ilam

Message from Chairperson

Prosperity of the individual and the nation in our context relies on the development of agriculture sector, for which agriculture modernization is indispensable. To greater extent, out of institutional and technical aspect of agriculture modernization, the latter is largely dependent on the availability and capability of agriculture expert to appropriately integrate all inputs for maximizing agricultural productivity and profitability. Deeming as ideal place from geographical, natural and educational aspects, Ilam Municipality make a move to establish Ilam Community Agriculture Campus, destined to produce competent agriculture graduates. The campus currently runs B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. and has planned to start M. Sc. Ag. program in near future. Owned by Ilam municipality, after legal endorsement of procedural guideline, the future of this campus seems sanguine and I am optimistic about constant efforts and support from the municipality for its overall development.Unlike other privately-owned campus, this community-based campus offers quality education in a very modest fee. After successful completion of B. Sc. (Hons.) Ag. degree from this campus, windows are wide open for aspirant graduates to compete for employment in government, non-government and educational sector while also get easy opportunity to pursue higher education in national and international universities. With fully equipped laboratory, smart lecture hall, library with extensive range of text and reference books, adequate field, the campus strives to produce a knowledgeful and skillful agriculture graduates devoted to agriculture and farmers. Eastern hills of Nepal, particularly, Ilam could be an open University for the students. Beside learning inside four corner of the lecture and practical hall or small parcel of experimental field plots, the students can see and learn about different agricultural commodities like tea, cardamom, broom-grass, chilly (akbare), avocado and animal husbandry from plethora of existing farms and farming operation even in a casual walk and conversation within a short perimeter around the campus premises. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the Mayor of Ilam Municipality Mr. Mahesh Basnet and Municipal officials for legal, financial and physical arrangement for the campus. Thanks go to administrative head Mr. Kali Bahadur Bhujel and all the staffs for the prompt facilitation during establishment of the campus. I am highly thankful to Purbanchal University family, particularly, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Yadav Raj Koirala; Professor Nil Mani Pokhrel, Registrar; and Professor Dr. Pawan Jha, Dean FOST for affiliating this campus with Purbanchal University.

thumb (J. B.) Jas Bahadur Lungeli
Chairperson, Campus Management Committee
Ilam Agriculture Campus,Ilam

Message from Campus Chief

Education that enhances the knowledge, skill and change the attitude and perception of people is always fundamental to the development of any nation. For the countries like Nepal, where economy is predominantly an agro-based, relavant agriculture education for producing sound technical human resource capable of bringing positive change in existing agriculture scenario is pre-requisite to development. Our newly established Ilam Community Agriculture Campus (ICAC), Ilam is exactly aiming at the same. We offer B. Sc. (Hons.) Ag. academic program affiliated to Purbanchal University, Nepal. We are trying our best to provide the quality education in conducive learning environment. We are not only trying to augment knowledge but also to bring perfection in skill of students while applying acquired knowledge. In addition, we are also dedicated to develop positive attitude, perception and enthusiasm into our students thereby enabling them ensure bright future with flawless professionalism. For ICAC, successful future career of its students always comes first and we know it determines how long we can go ahead. As non-profit making academic institution, it offers opportunity of pursuing degree in affordable cost which I feel is very important in context of Nepal; the students can take their academic decision without trepidation of financial burden. Well equipped library, laboratory, adequate land with irrigation facilities, smart class room etc. are our strength and the campus offers every such modern facilities that ensure productive teaching learning activities. Similarly, it has satellite learning units scattered around different ecological niche of Ilam Municipality and adjacent Rural Municipalities with a view to providing students exposure with first-hand knowledge and skill in various aspects of agriculture. Besides, our experienced faculties not only impart knowledge and skill to students, but are also committed to be an excellent guardian and counsellor for students as per need. I am highly thankful to Mayor along with all family of Ilam Municipality, Campus Management Committee, and all stakeholders for this remarkable initiative of establishing academic institution. Finally, I would like to request you all- Visit us; you will realise the differences that you want to feel! Study with us; you will get perfection you are starving for! Give us a hand; you will feel satisfaction that you deserve! Thank you.

thumb Dr. Yogendra Man Shrestha
Campus Chief